What makes your stationery different than sites like minted?

Every couple is different and every budget is different. There are several layers and elements to a wedding. With that being said, the money, time, and energy put into those elements will vary from couple to couple. Websites like Minted or Shutterfly are great for quick invitation designs that help the process along and give more time for focusing on those other details.

At Stephanie Gould Calligraphy, we think of paper as a keepsake, an heirloom to forever remember your wedding details so we place it high on the totem pole of wedding details. In order to do so, this is not a quick one stop shop for design. It is a process where you and your fiance are seen through every detail on these beautiful heirloom papers. The emotional response that it evokes from you and your guests is priceless.

We are here every. step. of. the. way. We guide you through design, production, and assemble. You are entrusting us with your wedding details that we treat it as our own. It is an art that we hope is one you will keep for generations to come!


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